Tel no 02085072857


Q) Do you provide an out of hours contact number for that unexpected staff cover?

A) We have an out of hours contact telephone number- 0208-507-2857, you can also check our Contact Us for our office number and email address.

Q) Do you offer training for your staff?

A) We offer and ensure that all our staff undertake mandatory training that are relevant to their roles.

Q) How do you monitor the performance of staff you send to clients?

A) We carry out regular quality assurance survey.

Q) Before you send staff to clients, are you aware of the job description and the role of your staff?

A) On request for a staff , we get a brief information of the task that our staff will undertake. We also endeavour to visit our clients which give us an opportunity to meet the team and know more about the practise area and the task involve for the job.

Q) On receipt of a home care support package can you deliver care within 24hr?

A) Our team is able to allocate a referral to a Team Leader who will visit and assess the care need and put together a support plan with the possibility to deliver care within 24hrs.

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